Industry Competition!

Connect SLO County

5 for the price of 4, and it’s not just against yourself and other teams, race against your industry!

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Not only that, but support SLO County Bike Coalition’s Connect SLO County initiative to build more bike trails in the area – 12% of the profit from the industry competition will go to the initiative!

1. Get five people together from your organization.
2. Register and get five people for the price of four in the 5k event.
3. Let us know what industry you’re in:

Guys from TriFind

The Guys from TriFind Represent!

  • Agriculture
  • Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
  • Financial Services (Banks/CPAs, etc)
  • Food Services (Bars, Restaurants, Coffee shops, etc)
  • Media (Radio, Print, TV, etc)
  • Religious Organizations
  • Colleges/Schools
  • Fitness Studios
  • Non-Profits
  • Government Agencies (Police, Fire, City/County Departments, etc)
  • Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists, etc)
  • Tourism (Hotels/Attractions)
  • Retail Sales

4. Compete against teams in the same industry for an overall weekend prize announce on the site, via email, and in a press release and receive a plaque displaying your prowess as the top team to beat!

Register now!

YOU MUST include your organization’s name in the team name when registering!

A little friendly competition will get you everything!

2012 Industry Results!

2013 Industry Teams as of 10/23/13

4 MUDDY SISTERS Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
TWERKTEAM Retail Sales
KW Seeds Agriculture
Muddy Cubs Colleges/Schools
Muddy Bears Colleges/Schools
WHOS IDEA WAS THIS Colleges/Schools
Los Fierros de la Pampa Colleges/Schools
Gymnazo #1 Fitness Studios
Gymnazo #2 Fitness Studios
Twisted Planet Fitness Studios
Aqua Force Five Food Services (restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc)
Peeps! Food Services (restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc)
Dirty Roosters&Muddy Hens Food Services (restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc)
TeamSteam Food Services (restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc)
Dirt Cheaps Food Services (restaurants/bars/coffee shops, etc)
Rogue Runners Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
Los Luchadores Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
TWERKTEAM Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
Muddy Vets1 Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
Muddy Vets2 Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
Muddy Vets3 Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
Muddy Vets4 Government Agencies (Police/Fire/City/County)
ARC Angels Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
Mud Fudders Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
Mud Mashers – Arroyo Inpatient Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
Fitness is my Witness 1 Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
Super Mud Running Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
Mud Slingers Health Professionals (Doctors/Nutritionists)
White Shadow Non-Profits
Oak Park Crew Non-Profits
Team Monica Non-Profits
Entact Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
Muddy Misfits Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
coastal radiation oncolgy Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
IMC Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
Team MNS Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
Pod Squad Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
Filthy Fathers Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
Filthy Fathers Professional Services (Attorneys/Planners, etc)
K-Jon’s Jewelers Retail Sales
K-Jon’s Diamonds in the Rough Retail Sales
Mudder Fockers Retail Sales
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