Mud Mashmud mash

[muhd mash] noun

  1. an event whose object it is to cover, smear, or spatter with mud.
  2. informal, scandalous, efficient or hilarious costumes and attitudes.
  3. hard work, total body exertion.
  4. unexpected surprises.
  5. maximal use of natural and beautiful terrain for a truly primal adventure.

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what we are not

  • exploiters – we seek to respect the land, athletes, and spectators as much as possible, returning all to a more radiant, natural state
  • fake – we provide true experiences from real military personnel, personal trainers, and adventure athletes in pristine locations, true to our own vision, not copying another
  • a temporary community – once a mud masher, always a mud masher; we live in and love the land we spotlight
  • cookie cutter – we don’t travel all over the country providing the same experience, each event is customized to the land and best use of resources
  • lazy – from the course and obstacle design to the shirt design, to your entire day’s experience, we’ll work to ensure you go home with your expectations exceeded and ready to raise the bar at each subsequent event

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