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Our course starts flat, runs through parts of Laguna Lake, winds around a flat area and then you’re in for a steep climb and descent to obstacles on the other side of a  small mountain that you will eventually climb directly up and down to the finish! If you’ve done our race previously, we’re really bringing our “A” game – expect more epic obstacles than ever before.

2 aid stations on course feature friendly volunteers and water.

An additional aid station in the venue will provide recovery drink, water, and fruit.

Please note, it is not exactly a 5k run, and is about 4 miles.

Obstacle descriptions:

(click on map to enlarge)

2013 Mud Mash map

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942658_10151711879690943_337775861_n1.    Water Wrangler: 100 yard wallow through the muddy-bottomed Laguna Lake, and — for more spice — we throw in some floating pipes to climb over!

2.    Swamp Stomp: Chest deep water, reed mazes and, of course, deadly crocodiles!

3.    Tough walls: Over, over, and over again, as you climb the 6-foot walls on your own or with a little help from your friends!

4.    Surprise: You’ll see soon enough!

5.    Barbed for your pleasure: Huge crawl under barbed wire – you can do it!

6.    Pipe Dreams: Something new and fun for everyone, hope you can take heights and freefall!

7.    Great Wall: Get over by yourself, use your teammates, or new friends to get over these.

8.   Hay Bale Hell: Steep hill + hay bales + fire hose + ruthless fire hose operator.


Sketch up concept of Floaters!

9.   Water SLIDE! Slip, sliding awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

10.  Tarzan: Swing from vine to vine to make it to safety!

11.  Action Figure: Leap from shipping container to shipping container!

12.  Death March: No one has died yet, but the rocky highlands are a challenge!



 13.  Launderosa: Squeeze , foam, repeat – you’ll be squealing for more!

14.  Culvert Crawl: Squeeze on through!

15.  Floaters: 26 foot long balance beams floating in Laguna Lake


Sketchup concept of High Flyer

16.  High flyer: Climbing up a cargo net can be tough, but going across one, eight feet off the ground, is a challenge!

17.   Mud Pit: We made it extra sloppy, just for you for you.

18.   Face Your Demons: Make it past our armed Vikings and you earn the finish!


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Survey after survey said that people didn’t know how to do the six foot wall . . . so we made a video!

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