Training and Tips

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Mud likes to steal your shoes, and everything else, via suction so please ensure that you have boots or a style of shoe that covers the ankle. Some participants will use duct tape over their running shoes to keep them on their feet – others feel that limits traction necessary to get through obstacles.
  • Loose clothes will slow you down especially if you have pockets that will hold water and mud! Avoid cotton – your feet will blister and it will stay moist and be uncomfortable if it’s in shirt or shorts form.
  • Some people like to use knee pads for crawling obstacles.
  • Some participants find carrying a portable hydration pack makes for a more comfortable race – even if you are used to running this distance, there are significant strains and hills involved and you may find you need more hydration than is available on course.
  • We highly encourage costume-wearing to make it even more fun! It’s Halloween!
  • A change of clothes and a few towels for post race cleanup is highly recommended.
  • Wondering what to eat before and after? Check out Fluid’s nutrition school!
  • If you are running this for fun, choose the easier access pathways available to you – they may have backups, but it allows the people running for time to get through the course faster with minimal delays.
  • Please note: ALL OUT EVENTS is not responsible for any items lost on the course during the race, so please do not wear any valuable items, like jewelry.

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We also have an awesome training program, developed by SLO-Based Gymnazo on YouTube. Check it out!

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